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Does your practice need some pepping up?

Custom Embroidery
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I do a lot of medical scrubs and lab coats.   If your practice needs pepping up, then get your logo on the left chest of every staff member!  Their name can go on the right.  Your logo will be seen every place they go for lunch, or stop at on their way home!  It will also help your clients to easily remember the staff's names.  There is no better way to appear professional!

It’s easy to get your logo converted to stitches.  Just email a JPG or PDF file to Embroidery Town to start the process.  In a day or two I’ll contact you with a FREE quote.  Pricing structure includes a fee to convert the logo to stiches (one time fee) and then an embroidery fee for each garment embroidered.  Fees are based on the stitch count of the logo.

Click on image to see pricing if available

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