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Cute, Fun Things

....for cute, little folks!

Custom Embroidery
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Children and babies will love our large variety of custom embroidered items personalized for them.

Specific items made just for the kiddos...

  • Personalized Blankets

  • Bibs

  • Embroidered clothing

  • Snuggler Animal Blankies


"Thank you for burning the midnight oil for the rush order to make a gift to remember for my grandchildren and great grand-daughters." 

- Susie M.


Click on image to see pricing if available

BIBS - Days of the Week
Set of 7 - $42

BIBS - Baby's First Holiday

Set of 8 - $48 – Create a photo opp!

Check out the bib sets – these are so cute they ALWAYS get passed around at the baby shower!

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