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Personalized Embroidery

...for your business, hobby or club

Custom Embroidery


Put your logo on...

  • Shirts

  • Caps

  • Briefcases/Bags

  • Jackets


"Just wanted to let you know you did a really good job on those quarter zips.  My wife was very happy with the completed job." 

- Tim L.


What better way to get your business advertised than custom embroidery? Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, opt for your business logo.

Let me help your business shine!   

It’s a cost-effective way to get your name and logo into the public eye.  People will notice!  It’s easy to get your logo converted to stitches.  Just email a JPG or PDF file to Embroidery Town to start the process.  In a day or two I’ll contact you with a FREE quote.  Pricing structure includes a fee to convert the logo to stiches (one time fee) and then an embroidery fee for each garment embroidered.  Fees are based on the stitch count of the logo.

Click on image to see pricing if available

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